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Mango the Adventure Cat

Mango the Adventure Cat
#Cute4Kind Ambassador
I'm a happy rescue cat and my wilderness skills are probably better than yours.

Mango is a happy ambassador for Cute4Kind. Both Mango and his cat sibling, Luna, were rescued/adopted and have forever made our lives brighter and fuller. They have become cherished companions and family members. Not only is Mango a happily rescued cat, but he also lives the exceptional life of an adventure cat! He spends his days hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing and going for car rides. When not adventuring, he likes to sit in the windowsill with Luna and watch the birds. We hope that our affiliation with Cute4Kind and unique platform as a rescue cat on adventures will help show the world how amazing rescued animals can be. We hope to show that rescuing animals can bring an astounding amount of joy and love into a home for both the rescuer and the rescued.”


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