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Happy Cat Family

Happy Cat Family
#Cute4Kind Ambassador
We are 4 rescue cats living the cat life in a small city in Turkey. We are trying to inspire people to adopt not shop.

We are a cat family of 4 rescue tabbies from Turkey; Mutlu, Bambi, Ygritte & Togepi

Mutlu smiles and talks in his sleep,
Bambi chews cables
Ygritte runs for the doorbell & phone rings
Togepi is a troublemaker and horror movie addict.

We are trying to inspire & encourage people to adopt mainly with our cute snuggle videos and photos. We also foster kittens in need as many as we can and find them forever homes when they are ready to go.Our humom is a volunteer for stray animals in our city and we help her with her fundraisers to build shelters, for food or medical care of the homeless cats&dogs.

All of us have different background stories & different purrsonalities but we know how to be a happy family because all everybody needs is love.


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