Hamish and Elle : #Cute4Kind Ambassador

Hamish And Elle

Hamish And Elle
#Cute4Kind Ambassador
2 rescued pups 🐾 Hamish the big pit & Elle the kelpie x 💕 Perth, Western Australia.

Hi, we’re Hamish and Elle. Two rescues from Perth, Western Australia. Hamish the staffy x was rescued in 2011. He was found walking the streets on a hot day with his paws burnt raw. We were told he was possibly from a known dog fighting house and was abandoned by them. He’s a big sook who’s scared of his own water bowl and loves nothing more than your affection. Elle is a kelpie x who was adopted in 2015 at 4 months old. Her owner decided she couldn’t be bothered anymore and was considering putting her down. She is a bundle of energy who loves to run around and jump things. She has gone from a dog who didn’t want to be touched to a dog who needs your cuddles. Adopting these two has been one of the best things we could’ve done and I think they would agree!


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