Cute4Kind | A Flame That Loves Water: The Story of Flame The Arson Cat

A Flame That Loves Water: The Story of Flame The Arson Cat

@Flamethearsoncat is a fire cat that lives at The Belmont Fire Department located in Greenville, SC. The fire district has been operable since 1968. Throughout the years many animals have showed up at our doors seeking refuge and we have always been willing to find these animals forever homes (Dogs, Cats, and even a mini horse). Flame is the first animal that the department agreed to adopt.



Flame’s story begins just like every other stray animal we have encountered. One day we are out doing normal duties, and the next thing you know, a small orange and white cat shows up. Flame would watch the fire fighters from a distance still trying to build trust. As days went on the guys around the fire house began to worry more each day about Flame, because it appeared that he had not eaten in days. 



So a few days after Flame’s first appearance and failed attempts to build Flame’s trust, the guys tried to lure him in with fried chicken. To our surprise he took the bait. From that day forward Flame would become of the brotherhood that is experienced in the fire service. As days passed the station began to be more accepting of the little feline. We soon realized that this was no ordinary cat. It was as though he was meant to be a fire cat. Flame was alert to the tones, attended training; but to the big surprise he LOVES water.



Some time has passed since Flame’s first arrival. We feel that he had made a huge impact on our department. Now with his following on the social media website Instagram, it is now time for Flame to give back. Flame was a stray cat that was not neutered when he arrived at the department. We as a department raised the money to have Flame neutered and it is something that we are passionate about. 



Flame wants to raise awareness to spay and neuter your cats. We in the fire service are most known for our help of humans, but with this little cat by our side we can give back to the animal community as well. The message is very simple. “Spaying and neutering your cats does not only help with population control, but it cuts down on the unnecessary heartbreak of many loving animals and humans. Please have a heart and do your part. Spay and Neuter you animals.”


In closing, we can’t begin to put into words the impact Flame has made on our department. Flame is a very loving animal and is the greatest fire cat known to man. He is a very hardworking fire cat and does his best to support the fire fighters. Flame has become a permanent fixture at the Belmont Fire Department and loves his home. The Belmont Fire Department is very thankful for the support that has been received. Thank you for all the gifts. From everyone here at The Belmont Fire Department We thank you for reading Flame’s story and have a great day. 


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