Scotch The Cow Cat Adopted Family Story

Scotch The Cow Cat’s Furry Family


Scotch, aka The Cow Cat, was born on August 14th, 2010 and as a Leo he loves to sleep. When he was a kitten, he had lived at the San Francisco SPCA with his fellow kittens for 8 weeks before he was adopted with his kitty “sister” Soda. Scotch wasn’t available when Soda was as he was already adopted. I really wanted to adopt him too, but he was taken. As I was finishing the paperwork for Soda, a worker came up to the front desk and mentioned that the family that wanted the black and white kitten changed their mind. I immediately told the worker I would take him, and please put the paperwork up in his room that he was again no longer available for adoption. I asked the staff member why the family changed their mind and was told that he was sick and that he would be fine and that they would send him home with some antibiotics for me to give him for a few days. I said, perfect! And with that, Scotch and Soda were on their way to their new home.


The Cow Cat's Adopted Furry Family Scotch And Soda Kittens Are Playing I had been thinking about adopting a pet for some time. I grew up around dogs, although when I was very young we had a couple cats. Living in a small space in San Francisco, and working a lot of hours I didn’t think it was fair of me to adopt a dog, so I decided to get a cat, two cats to be exact. I thought while I would be at work they could keep each other company and not be lonely. Right away, both Scotch and Soda brought joy into the home. Having a couple cute lovely kittens to play with and be around makes one just smile and be happier. It is a comfort to know that you are helping some animals and in turn, they are helping you too! Right away, my friends wanted to come over and play with the kittens. I think they were fine if I was around too! I will say, from the very first week they were home, I could see Scotch and Soda grow each week. They don’t stay little kittens very long. They grow into adult cats quickly, and with that, take on their own personalities.


The Cow Cat's Adopted Furry Family Kittens Are Playing HardScotch was introduced to chicken when he was 2 months old, and fell in love right away. He loves turkey and hot dogs too, but of course, I don’t let him eat table food very often. He also likes a dirty martini and frankly, doesn’t seem to like scotch. He loves to smell anything you are eating or drinking, and he will make a real sour face if he disapproves of what you are eating or drinking. He does enjoy sharing a glass of water with anyone. As of 2015, he is 1.5 feet long and weighs almost 16 pounds. I’m glad he eats the indoor formula cat food! Scotch isn’t particularly fat, but he is a big kitty for sure. He is a very healthy cat and can jump 6 feet high when a poor unsuspecting fly flies into the house. He usually will catch the fly too, and eat it if I can’t get to him first! Together with Soda, they bring joy and laughter to the family.


The Cow Cat's Adopted Furry Family Scotch Is Looking At A Cow


Now that Scotch and Soda are a little older, they have started to adopt some of our habits and timing. They don’t run up and down the hallway at 3 o’clock in the morning every night playing with their toys like they did when they were kittens, although that isn’t always the case. Scotch is getting more affectionate as he is getting a little older. He enjoys taking more frequent and longer naps in my lap, especially in the evening when I’m watching TV. He has also learned that if he walks around and cries enough, I will get up and pick him up or play with him since I know he wants some attention. I didn’t realize how good Scotch was at training me. -Rob (Scotch’s Dad)


The Cow Cat's Adopted Furry Family Friday Night With Warm Family


To get to know more about Scotch TheCowCat, please visit his cow cat world at TheCowCat Website or be friend with him on Scotch’s Facebook Page.

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