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The Cat Watching Horror Movie: Togepi

On 25th September 2015, I delivered 3 rescue kittens to a volunteer and on my way back to the bus stop, I heard meows coming nearby. So I followed the sound and I found out that it was coming from a kitten stuck in a car hood. It was around 10 pm and no one was around. So I called the fire department, but they said that they couldn’t help unless the car owner was there. Then I called the police, they came in a second and tried to reach the owner. In the meantime, I went and talked to the shops nearby, with a hope that someone might know the owner. I found a guy who knew the owner but didn’t have his cellphone number. In the end, the police did reach him. Guess what!? He was out of town! But the owner was a nice man, he told us how to open the hood and get to the engine. We did what he said and finally, there she was! A tiny tiger faced baby! I picked her up immediately, she was afraid and tried to run away.



I picked her and checked If she was okay. Obviously, she was, she bit my hand. I didn’t have any cage with me so I had to carry her in my backpack for 15 minutes till I get home. Then I took this first picture of her. She was probably 50-60 days old.



I named her Togepi from the series Pokemon, because in Pokemon, Togepi grows in an egg and when the egg hatches, she thinks the first person she sees is her mother. She was just like that when I carried her in my backpack. I fostered her for a couple days then a nice guy adopted her. After 2 months, Togepi came back to me because of personal issues. She didn’t have any problem with fitting into the tabby family.



Togepi is famous now with her “cat watching horror movie” videos. She even appeared on The Ellen Show. Togepi is 1 year old, but she is very small compared to other tabby girls, that is what makes her double cute with that small face and big eyes.



She is very naughty, she climbs curtains, steals things from the kitchen, opens drawers and takes everything out… She is like a naughty kid that never gets tired of being naughty. She brings joy to our family. I am glad she came back to me. I never wanted to give her away in the first place :) – Togepi’s Mom



Can’t get enough of Togepi? Follow her and her ADORABLE family on Instagram @happycatfamily.

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