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The Best Birthday Wish: The Story of Mittens

We have always been dog people and throwing in a cat into our family wasn’t even a thought not until our little girl, who was 4 at the time, started wishing if she could have one. We thought it was just a passing fancy and that she’ll forget about it, like she has most of the stuff that she has to have! So for Christmas, we have suggested to aunts and uncles that she would like those nifty robot kitty. The one that meows and responds to people’s voices and commands (better than the real thing!) We didn’t have to change the litter just the batteries! She really liked the toy kitty and was very appreciative. We thought that was it! A few battery changes later, her yearning for her very own real kitty hasn’t passed, as a matter of fact, that wish in her heart just grew and grew. We took her to the local shelter almost every week so she could play with all the cats that she could handle. We were hoping that by exposing her to all of the cats she would be able to fill that wish in her heart. But that wish just kept on getting stronger.




When seeing a star (didn’t matter if it were shooting or not), she’d close her big brown eyes ever so tightly with hands clasped close to her heart, she’d hold her breathe and wished. We would ask what it was that she asked for but would refuse to disclose her closely guarded wish. Walking by a fountain, she’d beg for a coin to throw in. Her fountain dream is as serious as that wish upon those numerous stars. But we knew.



As destiny (fate, luck, kismet?) would have it, my daughter and I were at the vet for Marley’s (the doggeh) wellness visit. A nice lady holding a cat in its carrier was in the same waiting room with us. I asked how it was taking care of a cat. Is it easy? Difficult? Are cats really that much aloof than dogs? Should we adopt or shop? It would probably be too much questions for a cat owner but as it turns out, the lady (we never exchanged names) was a foster for Priceless Pets Rescue! She knew cats and definitely lobbied for adoption. On a side note, we adopted Marley before we had kids so pet temperament wasn’t even considered back then; but it is now, that’s why we considered getting one from a cattery IF we were to get a cat. We thought that certain breeds, as with dogs, would be better with school age kids, as we have two. The nice lady told us about a new litter of seven that recently came in. She said that they were American Shorthair from a breeder but needed rescuing. Not sure why but didn’t want to pry. As soon as we got home, I researched about the breed. Found out that they were a husky bunch that could tolerate rough play with an easy going temperament. Perfect! The more we learned about them, the more agreeable they became. Until the day we saw “Dave” (the litter were all named after the Minions!) on Priceless Pets website. That was it! We ALL fell in love hook, line, and sinker! We decided that for her 5th birthday, she’ll get to meet her wish.



We picked up “Dave” on a Saturday, weeks before our daughter’s birthday because we knew that he was the one! The rescue barely opened their doors and we were there with adoption papers in hand ready to give this precious kitty his forever home. He was this scrawny little kitty with really goopy eyes – definitely not best in show material! Nevertheless, we thought he was the most adorable creature! As soon as we got home we had our daughter close her eyes and asked her to hold out her hands. She reluctantly did as she was requested. We gently put her wish in her arms. She opened her eyes and gave a soft squeak as she held her wish in an embrace – just like she did when she wished upon those stars. She called him Mittens. He was her dream come true! –Mittens’s Face Close Up and Cover Pic  



He is now thriving with an amazing personality! Not aloof at all as once thought. He loves to play with his doggeh, Marley. And Marley would sometimes even let him nibble on his cheeks. Mittens loves it when our daughter gently brushes his fur while talking to him about her day. He’d lay on his side – as if he knew exactly what she was talking about. He is the reason why I started helping rescues and shelters any which way I can. We donate however much we can and strongly advocate for the plight of the animals that needs rescuing. Recently, we’ve partnered up with one of his littermate’s family to raise some money for Priceless Pets Rescue. It was a humble Instagram contest but it felt great to be able to give back and hopefully help out another shelter animal.



Our daughter maybe have been right all along – never tell your wish or else it won’t come true. She stood her ground and not once did she tell. And now at night, instead of looking up her bedroom window searching for a star, she now runs towards Mittens and gives him a goodnight kiss or two. Her heart is full and so is ours. – Mittens’s Mom  


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