Cute4Kind: The Adoption Story Of Tacoma The Malamute Husky @cocobups

The Adoption Story Of Tacoma The Malamute Husky

We found Tacoma on petfinder. We were actively looking for a husky through a few breeders. It would be the first dog me and my boyfriend raised together, and the thought of adopting wasn’t ever brought up. Luckily for us, all the husky breeders around wouldn’t have litters for at least 3 months, and we thought we weren’t in a rush anyways.



One day my brother sent me a petfinder link of a dog named “Tundra”. Tundra was very cute. She looked like a bear. I was immediately smitten with her, and yet I kept reading about her sister “Tacoma”. So I clicked on Tacoma’s name and was brought to another page with this photo: 



You know how you just know? I knew she was mine the second I saw her. I had always grown up with male dogs and they were a preference but everything I thought I wanted was thrown out the window the minute I saw her picture.



We went through the process of fostering to adopt and we knew from day one that she was with us that she would be forever. It wasn’t easy. Tacoma missed Tundra (Tundra was adopted by her and Tacoma’s first foster family — they named them after Toyota trucks! Haha!), and Tacoma was also very timid. But we worked and worked and worked with her and our trainer. It’s not easy when you and the person you raise a puppy with have different ideas on how to train them.



So not only do you have to be patient with your pup but you have to be patient with each other. Socialize socialize socialize. And most importantly do not keep yourself closed off on a certain type or breed or sex, etc of dog. You could miss out on something so great. –Tacoma’s Mom



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