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A Series of Fortunate Events: The Story Of Sluffy

Sluffy’s adoption was actually a series of fortunate coincidences (you might call it fate). I was working as a foster carer for an Australian cat rescue group called Purrfect Match Adoptions. Sluffy, or ‘Apricot Crumble’ as she was named by the pound, had a new owner waiting for her, but I would quarantine and look after her until she was back to good health.


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When I arrived at the pound to collect Sluffy she was a sweet, purring and incredibly fluffy bag of bones. She had numerous scabs all over her body, and an enormous scar down her back, likely caused by a burn. Pound workers have a tough gig. They have limited supplies and a stressfully small capacity to hold immeasurable lost and unwanted animals. Yet they love the animals that are in their care and euthanasing animals takes its toll. The rescue groups that take in these animals often rely on their own finances and donations, and the generosity of local vets. So when I picked up my latest purring ball of fluff, I was incredibly grateful when the pound workers hid multiple doses of antibiotics in her carrier to help heal her scar.


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You would never know, however that this small creature had experienced something unpleasant. Upon arrival she proceeded to follow my 3 year old everywhere, purring, chirruping and headbutting him all day. This treatment extended to almost every living thing that walked through our door from then on. From that very first day, we all fell completely in love with Sluffy. We knew it would be tough to let her go, but that is the process.


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The weeks ticked by and Sluffy cemented herself in our lives. She had adopted my other rescue Edie as her sister/ partner in crime, with the two of them rumbling together, grooming each other and sleeping together. They even look similar!


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However, I eventually got the news that her new family had chosen not to wait for her, and had bought a kitten instead. Instead of feeling disappointed, we were of course thrilled and immediately adopted her ourselves. We can’t imagine life without her now. She’s an endlessly funny, gentle, patient and loving creature who is full of personality. While many cats and dogs have a rough start to life, adopting one scruffy little creature has added so much happiness and joy to our family, and we would make the same choice again and again. Sluffy’s Cat Parent


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