Cute4Kind - Very Seriously Black Cats: The Story Of Sirius Black & Severus Snape

Very Seriously Black Cats: The Story Of Sirius Black & Severus Snape

I grew up with outdoor cats and always wanted to have my own indoors someday. When I moved into an apartment by myself in 2014, the first thing I did was get myself to a no-kill shelter. I was a little overwhelmed – it’s hard knowing where to start when so many sweet lonely faces are looking for a home. But the first cat they pointed to ended up being the only one for me.



He was a quiet, elegant black panther who seemed equally overwhelmed. I just had a feeling I was meant to take him home – he was too big and skinny to stay in that cage. When I brought him home, he sauntered around the place, checking everything out bravely, before plopping down on my lap and purring his approval. He’s named Sirius Black after the Harry Potter character – I’m a big fan of the books and that character was also brave and goodhearted, just like this guy.



For two years I floated the idea of saving another and kept scanning adoptable cats on Instagram; I debated getting a girl, maybe a torite or calico, to switch things up. I got in touch with a nearby independent rescuer and we considered a few potential options when suddenly she received word that a kitten she had already adopted out, had been inexplicably dumped at a kill shelter for no reason.



He was only 9 months old, and as soon as I saw his giant, scared eyes and elegant little tuxedo self, there was no question that he was also meant to join our family. Unlike Sirius, this guy hid under the bed for 48 hours before finally deciding we were ok.



He’s turned out to be the friendliest little guy – SO sweet, sometimes sassy – and after a brief introduction period, he now truly loves Sirius. Sirius tolerates him so far, but I think he secretly enjoys the activity and entertainment. Severus, named after another Harry Potter character, is the yin to Sirius’s yang, running around like a maniac until he passes out cold in bed or on the couch.



We’re so lucky to have these furballs in our lives, and are so happy we could give them the safe, loving home they deserved. There are so many more out there looking for homes, so we hope our story inspires others to get out there and adopt! – Sirius Black & Severus Snape’s Mom



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