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Perfectly Imperfect: The Story Of Pippi

It took some time to adjust after we lost our dachshund of 17 years – the one who was with me through my college days, adored my new husband, welcomed both of our babies when we walked through the front door, and died peacefully in our arms after a long life full of love. We knew we were ready for another doxie when we started noticing them everywhere. They seemed to pop up wherever we went. Even on a trip to Italy, dachshunds seemed to follow me around in every piazza I visited.


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When I came home, I started to scan dachshund rescue sites. My heart was drawn to a long haired dapple from Carolina Loving Hound Rescue in Greenville, SC. When we finally met, Mae and I shared an instant connection. We had developed such a close relationship with the entire CLHR extended family that it wasn’t long before another sweet soul caught our eye. Every day, my kids and I would excitedly check their Facebook page for updates.


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A few weeks went by before we decided to take the plunge and contacted the rescue. The director, Angela’s reply was simple, “What took you so long?” Sophia had been lovingly cared for by her foster mom, Kim, who made the transition so easy for everyone. Sophia eventually became known as Pippi for her pipsqueak of a frame and her spunky personality.


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Pippi is a double dapple, the product of irresponsible breeders hungry to make money from her unique coloring. She was born with microphthalmia, a condition that causes abnormally small eyes and blindness. She is also partially deaf in one ear. While it takes time for her to adjust to new places, her disabilities don’t stop her from enjoying life.


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She loves to prance around our local parks, spreading the word about irresponsible breeding, the tragedies of puppy mills, and the joys of pet adoption. Her Instagram account, @pippipup, is our way of sharing this message with the world. – Pippi’s Mom


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