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The Rescue Story Of Ostara

As a volunteer rescue and animal advocate I occasionally peruse the animal listings on craigslist for red flag posts, though rarely because it’s very emotional and traumatic for me because I can only help so many. One day I happened upon a listing for a free pitbull plaything, which 99% of the time means bait dog *shudder*.



I clicked on the link and saw the tiniest, most adorable little runt of a pitbull gazing back at me. I got a pit in my stomach as I dialed the number. A man answered and told me that someone was already coming for her, I pleaded with him and offered $50 to hold her for me…he agreed.



I drove 2 hours and got lost but wound up in a strip mall parking lot in a bad neighborhood where that baby was waiting for me. The man told me that she slept in a garage alone, pretty much round the clock alone, and that all she wanted was to be loved. He said she was annoying. I grabbed her tiny little bundle up and hugged her close and clenched my teeth at all the things I wanted to say to him.



Ostara is pure love, she is never away from my side and she wiggles with happiness at every person or animal she meets…she loves everything and is the sweetest pup I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a lot! She sleeps in a bed with her mommy and daddy and pitbull sister, goes on daily walks, is treated like the angel she is, and she is my moon and sun. Her big sis teaches her how to pibble, she already knew how to love…and now it’s all she does. -Ostara’s Mommy



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