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A Journey Of A Handsome Cat: The Story Of Orson

Orson originally came to the Berkeley City shelter in Berkeley, California, (AKA, Berkeley Animal Care Services) in January of 2016. After spending some time there, he was transferred to the East Bay SPCA (EBSPCA) in Oakland, where there was more space. I came to know about Orson through a friend who volunteers at the Berkeley shelter. I thought his pictures were so cute! I followed his progress online, and went to visit him at the East Bay SPCA in February.


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Since Orson is cat friendly, he was residing in the cat habitat area of the EBSPCA, which is quite nice. I describe it as a “kitty dorm room”, complete with cat trees, multiple litter boxes, toys, beds, food, water and windows for bird and squirrel viewing. I really wanted to adopt Orson, but I had a senior kitty at home who really didn’t want any new furry roommates. Orson was eventually adopted from the EBSPCA in March, and I thought that was his happy ending.


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In April, sadly and a bit suddenly, my kitty passed away. By June, I decided I was ready to try fostering again, and I reached out to the EBSPCA to become a volunteer. After returning from vacation in late July, I received an email from the EBSPCA soliciting for a foster for none other than my buddy Orson! I couldn’t believe it! I emailed them back right away to ask if I could take him. I picked up Orson from the shelter less than three hours later. Orson had been returned by his adopters due to some medical issues.


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We think Orson has some allergies to food, or the environment, or both; so he was a classified medical foster. When I picked him up, he was in the cone of shame due to skin issues. Despite being in and out of the cone for flare-ups, he is a dream cat. He has so much personality, is playful, loving and smart. Orson even has some doggie friends. He’s come a long way medically and socially since living with me. Orson is much more confident now than when I brought him home. He even enjoys the occasional road trip. We’re working on getting his allergies under control through diet modifications and a new allergy medicine. Orson is a super happy boy.


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I officially adopted Orson on October 14th, and we recently held a reunion party for his fans at the EBSPCA. He was an excellent host. I’m so blessed to have Orson in my life! We hit the road on Thursday for his longest road-trip yet, and his first Thanksgiving holiday with his new mom (me). All activities will be fully documented on his Instagram account:-) – Orson’s Mom


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Orson’s Facts:

Age – 3
Color – Mostly black with a couple of cute white patches
Favorite activities – Playing in his kitty scratching tunnel, AKA, The Tunnel of Fun, playing with all manner of toys, eating, watching TV, watching birds, snuggling with mom on the couch.


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