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The “Tail” of Tesla: The Story Of Tesla Ann Falatko

Teslas story starts in a pound somewhere in Florida. She and her litter mates were rescued from an over crowded pound by the Humane Society of Sarasota County. Among other conditions, they were all found to have parvo and heart worms. The entire Humane Society shut down while the puppies were quarantined and cared for, though their future was unfortunately uncertain due to their serious condition.



Thanks to the efforts of the HSOSC, every single puppy pulled through, the quarantine was lifted, and the shelter was reopen for adoptions. Que the butterflies in my stomach!



I remember the day like yesterday. My husband and I had talked about rescuing for a while and the day the shelter reopened was the day we decided to “just go look”. We met with both Tesla and her brother. Her brother was sweet, calm, and very loving, mean while, Tesla whipped around us like a tornado, peeing on her soon to be dad, running back and forth like it was her job. We stepped out of the room to discuss and there was just something about this single white pawed little girl that was irresistible. The rest is history!



We spent the next year and a half in Florida taking her to the beach and state parks every chance we got. We recently moved to Kansas where she currently enjoys running free around our property, going on hikes, swimming, finding the most perfect sticks, practicing commands, and of course, she’s never too hyper for a good cuddle.



We’ve been thanked for rescuing a black dog because they often get over looked in shelters, but our answer is always the same- she rescued us! –Tesla’s Mom



5 Facts About Tesla

1.) My human dad is an industrial engineer who named me after the inventor/engineer/physicist Nikola Tesla

2.) My human mom agreed if she could give me the middle name Ann, after the bad ass Annie Oakley 💥🔫 #girlpower

3.) My litter mates and I are lucky to be alive after being rescued from an over crowded shelter and testing positive for parvo, among a few other scary conditions. We are all 100% healthy now!

4.) I’ve never met another pup or human that I didn’t want to befriend- I love playmates!

5.) I’m a very quick learner and my mom has big agility course plans for me in the future! 💪


Can’t get enough of Tesla? Be friend and follow her on Instagram @missteslaann.


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