Cute4Kind: The Story Of Miles @MilesLovesSmiles

“Ruff” Beginning Into A Happy “Tail”: The Story Of Miles

One thing that makes Miles maybe just a little extra special is the fact that he almost wasn’t here to begin with.



He was rescued by Ruby Ranch Pet Rescue and Sanctuary as a tiny puppy with his mother and six newborn siblings when he was just days old.



Unfortunately, being in a shelter his mother was so terrified that she tried to bite everybody and was therefore deemed not suitable for adoption and placed on euthanasia list.



Nobody wanted to take a chance on her because she was so wicked ambitious in the kennels. Ruby Ranch knew that all she was doing was trying to protect her puppies so they took a chance and saved the young mother and her seven newborns and put them in a foster home.



They were right, and after some time in foster care she proved to be the best mother ever and all of her puppies were adopted as was she.



Miles was the last one adopted from his litter to a loving home where he grew up, and his underbite grew out giving him his signature smile! – Miles’s Mom



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