Mango the Adventure Cat The Rescued Kitty who is not afraid of the big world

Mango the Adventure Cat

Around a year ago, we were looking to get a kitten. At the time, we were mostly interested in finding a companion pet and were hoping to provide a loving home for a rescue. After some searching, we came across a system of foster homes designed to help find homes for cats.


Mango the Adventure Cat Rescued KittenMango the Adventure Cat Rescued Kitten


A mixed litter caught our attention and within minutes of meeting the kittens, we knew Mango Would be accompanying us on the trip back home. He was unafraid, energetic and playful. We did not realize it at the time, but his curiosity would one day make him the awesome little adventure cat he is today.


Mango the Adventure Cat Rescued kitty has grown up


As he grew older and bigger, his energy and curiosity seemed to grow with him. He was phased by very little and took our hectic lifestyle in stride. These observations led us to a unique idea that very positively changed both our lives and Mango’s.


Cute4Kind | Mango the Adventure Cat has a relax time with humom


We spend a good deal of time outdoors – hiking, camping, and canoeing among other activities. What if we were to take Mango With us? What if we put a cat in tent? A boat? Taught him to walk on a leash? It was a crazy idea but if any cat could handle it, it would be our Mango.


Cute4Kind | Mango the Adventure Cat started to explore the world


We spent months practicing in a harness and slowly exposing him to the outdoors. He went wherever we did. He quickly became accustomed to riding along in the car and going for short walks. Slowly, we made our way to local trails for longer and longer hikes. We knew he would do well, but we were surprised at just how well.


Cute4Kind | Mango the Adventure Cat gets ready in the car


We decided it was time to move to bigger things! We took him on his very first camping trip this past summer. We hiked through mountains and forests. We ventured to waterfalls and streams.


Cute4Kind | Mango the Adventure Cat at the waterfall with cat dad


He hiked from trail to trail without hesitation. He slept beside us in the tent. All the while, he was curious, patient and confident. The trip was a breeze for him. It was so exciting for us to be able to bring our friend and companion along on an adventure!


Cute4Kind | Mango the Adventure Cat on top of the jungle


We continue to take Mango along on local hiking trips and bigger camping trips. He has learned to ride in a backpack when tired and jump back out when he’s ready to hike. He has even learned to kayak and canoe! Mango may be a tiny cat, but he is incredibly brave.


Cute4Kind | Mango the Adventure Cat  on kayak with humom having adventurous kitty time


He has become a huge part of our lives and has been a wonderful addition to our tiny family. Our tiny rescue cat has made a large and happy impact on our lives! Our joy and adventures with Mango has led us to rescue another sweet cat named Luna To be a companion to Mango.


Cute4Kind | Mango the Adventure Cat two rescued cats can't wait for the next adventure


We Are so excited to see what the future holds and what new adventures are in store for all of us! – Megan And Chris (Mango’s humans)


To be a friend and see more of Mango’s adventures, follow this happy rescue cat @catnotafruit on Instagram.


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