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The Adoption Story Of Josephine

My name hasn’t always been Josephine, but I’m so glad it’s mine now! I have a mysterious background. I was found all by myself as a tiny 3 pound puppy and taken in by an overcrowded shelter in Kentucky. My mother and siblings, if I had any, were nowhere to be found. Someone thought I looked like a Pomeranian, but mostly I was a mystery. Lucky for me, Safe Hands Rescue found me and brought me to Minnesota on their Freedom Train.



When I got here, I was all alone and scared. My rescuers introduced me to my new foster family where I’d stay until I was old enough to be adopted. They were so sweet and patient with me. I even had an older dog to learn from. They were dog trainers, too, so I started learning right away. I even got to go to classes and watch. I also grew and grew, making my breed even more of a mystery.


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I met my mama a few weeks after I arrived in Minnesota. My foster family drove me to an adoption event and I met a lot of really nice people. When I met mama, I snuggled up in her arms and after giving her a few licks and puppy dog eye looks, I fell fast asleep. While mama got to know about me a bit, I laid my head down in her palm and slept. When I woke up she was still there!



A few days later my foster family took me to my future home. I found out I would have a big sister if everything worked out, so I did my very best to make a good impression. Penny (my sister) was also adopted, so we already had something in common, not to mention we look just alike! She was very curious and playful with me. I was a hit!



I had to leave that day, but I knew I’d be back. A week later, after I had my spay surgery and had time to recover, I said goodbye to my lovely foster family so they could move on to help the next dog in need, and made my new home permanent. That’s when mama gave me my new FULL name. I was home.


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I’ve been living my new life for nearly 9 months. I’ve got friends all over the neighborhood, a big sister to play with, and a mama that loves me. I’ve got it pretty good these days and couldn’t be happier. All thanks to the wonderful people at Safe Hands Rescue who took a shot on tiny, mysterious me. Adopt, don’t shop. – Josephine


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