How Mutlu Become A Happy Cat | #Cute4Kind  The Cute Kitty Story From Instagram

How Did Mutlu Became A Happy Cat ?

Mutlu is actually a rescue cat but includes adoption in his story. Before I tell you all about his story, I’d like to say a few other things. I’ve grown up surrounded with cats and dogs since I was a child. Even the times I couldn’t get them inside, I was sneaking them into our garage, building houses for them in our garden and feeding every animal I see on the streets. One day we took our dog for a walk and he found something, a kitty hiding in the bushes, his leg was broken, probably a car crashed him and left him there. We took him to the vet, he had to go through a tough operation, lost his leg, I was so ready to take him home, unfortunately he couldn’t make it. After a few months on 9th of June 2014 , I got a text from a friend;


“I found a kitty, he is wounded I don’t know what happened I took him to the vet but I can’t take him home, would you?”


How Mutlu Become A Happy Cat | #Cute4Kind  Mutlu First FoundAnd she send me this first photo of Mutlu creeping in the middle of a road wounded and bleeding. How could I say no? A kitty that I was fighting for had just slipped in my hands and here it was; another chance for me. I said “yes” without asking family members, I knew they couldn’t leave him. The next day Mutlu got out of the vet and spent the night at my friend’s house. And the the day after, here he was! A tiny, weak, crying baby in pain, still meowing to find his mother. He was only a month old and had a traffic accident, crashed by a car, motorbike, bycyle god knows what.


His injury was too bad, you can’t imagine. I could barely touch him, I was afraid that he would be hurt because his left back leg was almost gone. From under the paw to the upper leg, all the skin was gone. I remember his first night, he was in his cat box with a teddy bear right next to my bed, meowing non stop. He needed something alive to sleep, a heartbeat, a warm skin. Anything. I took him on my chest and he fell asleep in a minute but I had to stay awake, he was so tiny and as I said I was afraid to hurt him. The first week had gone just like that, he meowed I stayed awake for him.


How Mutlu Become A Happy Cat | #Cute4Kind  Mutlu Few Days After Was FoundIn the meantime, I was using the medication vet gave me and 3 days later I took Mutlu for a check up to the same vet my friend took him to. It was the worst minutes of my life. The vet accused me of using the medication wrong way, which I wasn’t, I was doing the exact things the vet told my friend, he dressed his wound and taped his paw. He said;


“I didn’t charge you a lot because you rescued him and he was a stray but since you’ve done the medication wrong, you have to bring him here once in every 3 days and dressing his wound everytime will cost you a little more. We might amputate his leg, let’s observe for a week and we’ll decide”


How Mutlu Become A Happy Cat | #Cute4Kind  A Very Cute And Happy Kitten


What the …!! I was shocked but I wasn’t stupid at all. I knew he was trying to make me feel guilty and make more money out of this innocent baby. I walked out of the vet with anger and took Mutlu to another vet, who has been taking care of the dogs in our farm for many years.  He was older and much more experienced, he was angry too. He told me the medication was not wrong but there was an easier way the miraculous green spray . And from that day everything was simple. disinfect the wound and spray it. Mutlu and I were both more comfortable. I’d used that spray or a couple months and Mutlu grew up to be happier cat. That’s why his name is Mutlu, it means “Happy” in our language. His leg completely healed and his paw is totally okay, except for a little deformation of its look. Mutlu will be one year old in June, we don’t know his exact birthday but we’re gonna celebrate the day we rescued him, because he was reborn that day the 9th of June!


How Mutlu Become A Happy Cat | #Cute4Kind  Kitten Cute SleepingBy the way, remember the night he slept on my chest when he was a baby? Well, he still does with his big butt on my chest and his paws on my face. I don’t care, I love how he feels safe and peacefull with me. He is not a cat to me, he is like a never growing up child. The second he hears the bell ring he runs to the door and waits for me, If I have any carry bags in my hand, he takes a look just like a kid looking for chocolate. He likes sitting by the window and watching the birds. I have been taking him downstairs to our garden since he was 3-4 months old but he is still afraid of the outer world. especially the car noise scares him to death. I can say he had a trauma after the accident. We’re trying to get through this together, maybe one day I will share his happy photos from a park.


How Mutlu Become A Happy Cat | #Cute4Kind  Adult Kitty MutluA few days ago, I’ve adopted another kitty, Bambi. She unfortunately lost her tail, but that doesn’t make any difference, at least for me. The reason I rescued and adopted my two kids is a little sad actually. They were both stray cats, they have nothing special, you can see Mutlu’s twins in every street, but, a HUGE BUT here, people are so picky in my country especially here in this small city I live in, people usually pay for special breeds of cats and dogs. They don’t really think strays deserve a loving home and I know, no one would take Mutlu or Bambi If I didn’t.


Everytime someone asks me what breed are my cats, I tell them their stories, that they were strays on the streets once. I’m proud of having them no matter what they are. Everytime I think about the difference I’ve made in his life, gives me that feeling I can’t explain.  If you ever make a difference in a desperate animal’s life, you’ll understand what I mean. If you’ve already done that, then you know what that feeling is, I’m sure we all feel the same. – Mutlu’s mom


How Mutlu Become A Happy Cat | #Cute4Kind  Adult Mutlu Kitty and Cute Bambi Kitten

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