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Furrever Foster Home: The Story Of Moxi

Hello! My name is Moxi, I am a 4 year old rescue kitty. I live with my 4 humans, a dog, a guinea pig, and a bunny. Nobody is really sure about my breed but one of my humans thinks I’m a maincoon and a tuxedo mix.



I met my family in July of 2012, and before that, I lived with a nice lady who rescues cats for a living. My family fostered three kittens from the lady, and when they were ready to go to their forever home, my humans came to her house to fill out paperwork. After they were done, the lady took my family upstairs to show them some more of the cats she had saved, and as soon as they opened the door to her son’s bedroom, they saw me in the middle of the room, sleeping on the bed.ย 



They instantly fell in love with me, and offered to foster me until I was old enough to be adopted. The lady told them that I was a girl, so my humans gave me the name Moxi. She told them that I was abandoned by my mom, and she found me and took me in. I stayed with my new family for about two weeks as a foster kitten until they made the decision to adopt me.



When they took me to the vet to get fixed, they found out something crazy about me… I was a boy! They thought about changing my name, but I had gotten so used to being called Moxi that they decided that I would keep my name, but would call me Mox for short. I’m now 4 years old, I fetch, I used to ride in the car, and my best friend is a dog.



My mom has always said “He’s a special cat,” and I know that they care about me and I bring a lot of joy and laughter into their life. I’m happy too, and I hope that kittens that were abandoned like me find a happy forever home where they are loved just as much as I am now. I’m so happy I’ll get to spend the rest of my life with my family, they are so amazing! โ€“Moxi



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