The Squishy Face You Just Want To Kiss: Elfie’s Adoption Story Adopted Cat Cover Photo

Elfie’s Adoption Story: The Squishy Face You Just Want To Kiss

I’m a supervisor in a small pet store and I always have Tuesdays off. This particular Tuesday I was called last minute and told that I needed to come in and close our store. I was a bit frustrated but of course went into work for the love of my job. When I got there I was quite and just did the duties in the store for that day. My coworker called me up to the front to see this adorable kitten that had come in. We have a vet a few doors down from us and we always get doggies in but rarely kitties.



I’m known as the cat lady at work (at this time I had only 2 kitties.) So I got up front to see this adorable face staring at me. This little squishy face that was drowsy from being at the vet. He had suffered from a prolapsed rectum twice and had to under go two surgeries to correct the issue. Of course, I started asking all these questions to find out all information about this ladies kitty. This is when I find out that she was just his foster parent for a local rescue. She had a baby photo of him from when she first got him and I asked her to send it to me. I fell in love.



As this night went on I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I couldn’t let it go. I got up the nerve to text her and ask her when he would be up for adoption. She assured me that he would be ready that Saturday, that it was on a first come first serve basis and I would need to be there early. Lucky for me she stayed in touch. As Saturday rolled around I received a text that he wouldn’t be ready that he needed yet another surgery. So impatiently I waited another week.



This rescue opens at 12, I arrived at 11 and waited outside their door. When the doors opened there he was. This small kitten with a flat face and huge eyes. I was told that he would need to be on a raw diet due to his issues but that was no problem for me!! He’s unlike my other 2 kitties, he likes walking on a harness, going for car rides and letting me dress him up.



Because of him I started sewing bows and started an Etsy page to raise money for a small group that goes out and feeds feral cats. I have always wanted to help kitties in one way or another and this was my way of giving back! He’s my inspiration and has brought me to know so many new and awesome people. I don’t think I would have started my store if it wasn’t for him. He helped me and gave me the push I needed. I think he’s the one that rescued me. – Christina (Elfie’s Mom)


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