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An Angel From A Backyard: The Story Of Sammy

It was September 22nd, 2009 and it seemed like a normal morning at work. I work for my family’s business and bring my dogs with me every day. This particular day the dogs were all in the backyard acting very interested in what was under one of our storage sheds. I got down on the ground with them, looked under the shed, and saw some movement.


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Instantly I knew it was kittens. I heard a little mew, so I mewed back. Right away I saw a little thing walking toward me. When he got out from under the shed I saw that he was really sick and had a kink in his tail. His eyes and nose were crusted shut, and he was really skinny.


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I picked him up, made him a warm bed, and went to the pet store to get him some kitten formula and bottles. When I got back, he took his first bottle so eagerly like he hadn’t eaten for quite some time. I decided to name this little guy Sammy after my great grandfather who is the founder of my family’s business.


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After Sammy had gotten enough to eat, I went back to the yard and saw that there were two more kittens under the shed. I eventually coaxed them out, and took them in as well. They all seemed to have upper respiratory infections, and were undernourished. I waited for the mother cat to come for them, but she never did.


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I bottle fed them day and night, took them to the vet for exams and with lots of love and care, they all returned to health and grew quickly. Sammy’s siblings went to a home together, and Sammy became a permanent member of my family. He is such a bright part of my life, and I can’t imagine being without him. – Sammy’s Mom


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