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An Amazing Survivor That Saves Others: The Story Of George

George is amazing. He’s hysterical, snuggly, caring and 100% full of love and gratitude. Not a single day goes by without a good laugh from George!


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I saw a photo of George on Perfinder and instantly fell in love. I called my local shelter to see if he was still available, he was! I was unable to meet him for nearly a week due to a busy schedule but I called Griffin Pond Animal Shelter every day to see if he was still available. To my surprise, he was still there. On August 18th, 2015 George became a member of my fur family. No one really knew how he earned his handsome face or why he was in a shelter, but I was just so happy we found each other. George made me laugh so much that I wanted to share him with the world. So, I started an Instagram account and posted his beautifully goofy pictures. One day, I saw Meowbox was holding a photo contest on Instagram so I entered George. To my surprise, he won!!  


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Instantly, he gained thousands of followers from around the world. I remember my heart racing with excitement and joy from all the comments and messages. This special needs kitty was getting more love than he’s ever received in his life! I was then contacted by a few rescue volunteers local to my area who saw George on Meowbox and I learned of George’s incredibly story.

George was attacked by an animal as a kitten (we like to think it was something cool like a werewolf) but was likely a dog. No one knows if he was homeless or just neglected but lucky for him, an elderly couple found him and saved his life! They nursed him back to health but were unable to keep him so George went to a local area rescue and was fostered.


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He bounced around a few foster homes before the rescue ran into some issues and several animal were brought to the county animal shelter. He spent the entire first year of his life bouncing around from foster to foster. George however, he’s a fighter. Most humans would crumble under the situations thrown at him yet he’s just full of light and love. George is one of 5 cats in my household and believe it or not, they all get along! George loves to wrestle with his brother Thumbs, snuggle with his sister Queen Latifah and bird watch with Blue and Mr. Belvedere. All of my babies are special needs or less adoptable rescues.  


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George has gained quite the following on Instagram in just one year! It’s a great platform to promote adoption, raise money for rescues and people struggling to pay unexpected vet bills. The Instagram community is amazing and we are blessed to be a part of it. We’ve raised monetary donations as well as pet supplies for a local rescue and Griffin Pond. We foster as often as we can and had the pleasure of fostering and adopting out 7 kittens in the last year!

We recently started the groundwork for our very own 501c3 nonprofit, George to the Rescue! We want to foster/board and provide supplies to the pets of domestic violence victims. The pets themselves are also victims and if we can provide safe housing for them so their owners can escape, it would be a dream. You can find information HERE. All in all, life is good when you’re George. – George’s Mom


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