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A Purrfect Family Part 2: The Story Of Finn

My husband and I first saw Finn (previously Mr. Kitty) in October 2015 at Petco. We had no intention of getting another cat. (We had Ash & Jack at the time). He was there through a local shelter, PALS No Kill Cat Shelter. We brought Milla in three times a week for puppy playtime and training so every time we were there with Milla, we couldn’t help but go visit Finn.



He was so friendly and would rub his head on the glass so we could pet him through the holes. His paper said he was guessed to be 7, came in as a stray and had been at the shelter since May 2015. These weekly visits to Finn occurred over about two months.



One Sunday night my husband came home from work and said he couldn’t stop thinking about Finn and thought we should adopt him so he would have a family for Christmas. So that Tuesday when I went in for puppy playtime, I went to see Finn. He was gone. Saddened I ask the trainer and she said that the shelter took him back.



So Wednesday I called the shelter, inquired about Finn and put him “on hold” since my husband and I couldn’t get there until Saturday. So Saturday December 5, 2015 we adopted Finn. We learned that a family had found Finn as a stray and took him in as their own, but ended up surrendering him when he started to fight with their female cats. The shelter assumed it was because he wasn’t neutered but after intake and examining him they found he was neutered. Oh well, the family’s loss!



After taking Finn to our vet we were told he’s older than 7, but since they can’t be sure the judge by their teeth. He has “great teeth for an old man.” We guess he’s probably 10-12ish. Finn took a few months to fully adjust, and was referred to as our “counter cat” for the first month or so. The only time he got off the counter was to use the litter box. Once he learned to ward off Milla, he blossomed! He is the friendliest, most laid back, handsome old man you will ever meet.



Finn was around when Ash unexpectedly passed away from FIP in April. He became closer to Jack after this, though he was still a loner cat at heart. On August 15, 2016, Finn underwent major surgery to remove a mass on the inside of his leg. After having it biopsied we found out that it was a subcutaneous Hemangiosarcoma tumor. Which is a rare cancer in cats that is extremely aggressive, has no cure, and chemo would only help by months, if at all. My husband and I decided against chemo and that no matter how long or short the rest of Finn’s life was going to be, he would be spoiled and loved like he had been since the day we adopted him!



Sadly, on September 14th, 2016 just 9 short months after adopting Finn, he passed away. He will be forever loved and greatly missed.  Rest In Peace my Finn Man  – Heather (Finn’s mom)

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