Cute4Kind | A Purrfect Family Part 1 :The Story Of Milla (ash_and_specialagentjackmeower)

A Purrfect Family Part 1: The Story Of Milla

I first saw this picture of Milla picture on Petfinder. How could you not fall in love?!



Her description said she was around 8 weeks old. She had been found running down Main St. in a Tennessee town. She was all alone, wet and covered in mud from the recent storms they had. I later found out that the rescuers had a hard time catching her, so when they were finally able to catch her, they put her in one of those huge trash bins that have wheels (don’t worry not trash was inside) so she couldn’t get away!



We adopted her thinking she was an Australian Shepard/ Lab mix, but found out she’s a Catahoula Leopard mix, we believe she’s a Catahoula/Lab! On August 29, 2015 her 3 day journey from Tennessee to Maine ended where we picked her up. My heart grew 100 sizes when I saw her transport truck arrive. Ever since she’s been mom’s baby girl.



The boys (Jack, Finn & Tommen) get along with her but make sure to put her in her place when she’s getting crazy. When Ash passed in April, Milla was always there by my side licking away my endless tears (and to be honest, the ones my crying as I write this).



She is the sweetest, naughtiest, most stubborn bed hog who will kiss your face off when she gets to know you! Her year Adoptiversary just passed and what an amazing, crazy year it was! I can’t imagine our lives without this beautiful girl and I am thankful everyday for her! -Heather (Milla’s Mom)


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