The #Cute4Kind Project

The #Cute4Kind project is a movement about the cuteness of adopted animals and their families. People can also share their own adopted pet stories to the world through the Cute4Kind website and social media, to help raise awareness about animal adoption. Please join us in this movement by just simply using #Cute4Kind on your favorite Social Media. Together we can make the world CUTER and KINDER!
#Cute4Kind Team

#Cute4Kind Movement

Adoption Stories

Cute4Kind | The Rescue Story Of Ostara @ostara.the.tiny.pibble

The Rescue Story Of Ostara

As a volunteer rescue and animal advocate I occasionally peruse the animal listings on craigslist for red flag posts, though rarely because it’s very emotional and traumatic for me because […]

The Adoption Story Of Boots And Bear | Cute4Kind Rescue Cats

The Adoption Story Of Boots And Bear

My fiancé and I both grew up in petless households, so when we moved into our newly shared apartment it was the perfect timing for our first cat. We planned […]

Cute4Kind | The Cat Watching Horroe Movie: Togepi’s Rescue Story - Adopt Dont Shop - Cat Adoption

The Cat Watching Horror Movie: Togepi

On 25th September 2015, I delivered 3 rescue kittens to a volunteer and on my way back to the bus stop, I heard meows coming nearby. So I followed the […]

#Cute4Kind | The Adoption Story Of Josephineakajosie

The Adoption Story Of Josephine

My name hasn’t always been Josephine, but I’m so glad it’s mine now! I have a mysterious background. I was found all by myself as a tiny 3 pound puppy […]

Cute4Kind: The Adoption Story Of Tacoma The Malamute Husky @cocobups

The Adoption Story Of Tacoma The Malamute Husky

We found Tacoma on petfinder. We were actively looking for a husky through a few breeders. It would be the first dog me and my boyfriend raised together, and the […]

Cute4Kind - Very Seriously Black Cats: The Story Of Sirius Black & Severus Snape

Very Seriously Black Cats: The Story Of Sirius Black & Severus Snape

I grew up with outdoor cats and always wanted to have my own indoors someday. When I moved into an apartment by myself in 2014, the first thing I did […]

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The Team

Soothawee Rermruk (Bird)

Soothawee Rermruk (Bird)

Project Co-Creator, Marketing & IT

Bird has been working in tech startup, finance, travel, education, and science. He brings different marketing techniques from each field to the project to make sure The #Cute4Kind Project makes the biggest impact possible. As an animal lover and Social Entrepreneur, to make the world better in a cute way is his dream that he is pursuing.

Rob Harman

Rob Harman

Project Co-Creator and Product & Finance

Rob Harman, CPA, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP. His background in accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources gives him a unique perspective to understand multiple aspects of an organization including how to run an organization, market products and service and lead and transform people. For fifteen years Rob has been leading teams and working with organizational leadership to develop teams and leaders to better lead and effectively transform their organizations.

Scotch TheCowCat

Scotch TheCowCat

#Cute4Kind Ambassador Coordinator

Scotch is a kitty who wants to make the world cuter and kinder. When he was a kitten, nobody wanted to adopt him due to his health. He is now a healthy cat. Because he wants to help other animals, he is proud to be a part of the project. He is now busy looking for #Cute4Kind  Adoption Stories. And together with #Cute4Kind Ambassadors, he is doing his best to spread Cuteness for a Kinder world.